Knitting Needles

We feature a large variety of knitting and crochet accessories, such as light-weight 9 inch bamboo knitting needles, soft touch crochet hooks from Clover, Prym and Addi Turbo knitting needles and crochet hooks, cable needles, and many more.

We also have the "Addi Clicks" as advertised in most knitting magazines.

Credit good old German ingenuity for this revolutionary design: addi FlipStix double pointed needles, fabricated from high grade aluminum, feature both a Turbo tip and a lace tip for added flexibility of use.

Need to know which tip to use for what project? Turbo tips are tapered to allow for faster knitting and prevent yarn splitting. Sharper Lace tips scoop up fluffy yarns and make easy work of complex increases and decreases.

Knitting/Craft Bags

We have beautiful bags and baskets made in Madagascar with genuine leather handles... very affordable!